During our time together at Barclays, helping improve PPI processes, Theo stood out amongst a high performing team as someone able to get under the skin of key issues and surface their root causes that sponsors had often misunderstood or not been aware of. Combine this with excellent communication skills and consistently high quality delivery, and it’s easy to see why so many stakeholders felt reassured when Theo was working on their project.
I would not hesitate to recommend Theo for similar opportunities; he’d be an asset to any firm.
David Fisher, Change Leader (Banking)

Theo is highly competent and personable as a consultant and has a passionate determination to deliver tangible results for his clients. He is professional, has great integrity and is good at handling curved balls when they get thrown his way! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you hiring him.
Chloe O’Sullivan, MD, Halcyon Global

Theo is a deep and accurate thinker who can be relied upon to develop effective courses of action and solutions to dificult problems.
Anthony Hamer, KPMG

Theo carried out some LEAN work for me when I worked in Marks & Spencer. The project was focused on driving faster output through an innvoation process. Theo quickly grasped the fuindemental issues we were tackling, worked well with M&S team and came up with some fantastic solutions and ideas for us to implement. If the opportunity arose again in the future, I would not hesitate to consiuder working with Theo.
David Cruise, Head of Change and Programme Delivery, M&S

Theo is a highly creative individual with a great skill for linking many and varied elements of a problem into a simple and coherent solution. He has the uncanny ability of viewing life at unusual angles. This gift is coupled with his openness and genuine interest in his business colleagues and clients which ensures that all who work with him learn and grow. I highly recommend Theo.
Gary Steele, Muradi

I had great year working with Theo and learned a lot from him. His understanding of Lean and Process Improvement methods is at a very high level. Coupled to this is his ability to get people to see what improvements can be made, and to motivate them to act on ideas.
Excellent leader, teacher, colleague.
Stephen Burford, Lean Specialist