Customer Value

Discover what your customers value in terms of products and service – and organise your value chain for profitable delivery

What we can do for you:

  • The Nspire Customer Value product allows you to gain a deep understanding of both your current and potential consumer (B2C) and customer (B2B) needs, in terms of both products and services.
  • Test the alignment of your internal and external processes, systems, infrastructure and people with your targeted customers: allowing you to identify how best to deliver to their needs and your business objectives
  • Develop processes to track changes in future customer value, measure gaps and drive appropriate change.

How do we do it?

  • Understand the range of value criteria across your current and future customer base for your products and services through interviews, questionnaires and analysis of buying patterns (testing both the value desired by customers and the current capabilities of the value chain)
  • Translate into discrete/measureable features and understand the relationships between them
  • Identify  product and service offerings made up from potential bundles of value criteria at different price points
  • Test to identify the size (numbers and purchasing volumes) of the segment of customers with similar buying behaviour
  • Choose the your target customer segment with their associated value requirements that match either your current  or planned future capabilities
  • Measure the gap between the desired value criteria and current performance for each segment and determine any corrective actions required
  • Embedding and developing the processes to track changes in customer value – and maintain alignment – into the future.