Organisational Design and Development

We’ll help you to build a competitive value chain structure populated with continuously     developing people who enjoy striving to deliver ever improving value for their customers

What we can do for you:

  • Develop value streams populated with passionate people competitively servicing discrete customer segments
  • Sustainable solutions built on a foundation of deep process understanding and knowledge of your people’s capability
  • Leave you with market driven value chains capable of growth and reconfiguration, populated with talented people continuously learning to better deliver value

How do we do it?

  • By building an organisation based on a deep understanding of:
    • The defined customer segments your organisation has chosen to serve – and their value criteria
    • The required construction and purpose of the key business processes (Product Management, Demand Management & Supply Chain Management) that deliver the defined value
  • By understanding the requirements of the process – what are you trying to do? Who are you serving? How do you need to operate? What are your required characteristics?
  • By conducting an assessment of the internal population to understand current capabilities, competencies and behaviours.
  • By understanding the external environment in which we are constructing your organisation.
  • Making strategic choices about how to construct the organisation so that it meets the value and process requirements.