Performance Management

Creating a learning organisation which drives improvement activity across the value chain, through structured dialogue and focused measurement, to deliver ongoing value

What we can do for you:

  • Situational performance management process designed to suit the changing needs and responses of the value chain.
  • Engaged and empowered value chains, through interlinked objectives, delivering tangible value.
  • Rapid resolution of issues and dissemination of learning through a linked set of forums straddling the value chain.
  • Mobilizes organisational learning through the practice of a closed loop performance management process built on the rigorous application of plan-do-check-act.

How do we do it?

  • Support the leadership team in the translation of business and customer objectives and values into discrete value chain objectives and values.
  • Review the current capability of each value chain to identify the nature of improvement activity, whether incremental or strategic, required to meet it’s objectives.
  • Assist the leadership team to select the appropriate styles and methodologies for deployment of objectives.
  • Deploy the objectives, in the chosen styles, into each element of the value chain and into the strategic improvement projects.
  • Design and implement an effective interlinking set of forums running across the value chain.
  • Visualise the performance, at the point of activity, to allow all concerned to understand the rate of improvement.
  • Ensure the performance management process is a closed loop system through the introduction of timely feedback and monitoring.
  • Capture tacit knowledge generated by the forums and turn it into effective organisational learning.
  • Work with you to ensure effective integration with your reward and recognition process to positively impact on the achievement of the desired outcomes from performance management.